I feel so cold and slayed – Astha Dawadi, Runner Up, Wordism, Kartik

November 25, 2016 Youth Legend 0

The days of crows at first,
How eagerly it would come on my rooftop,
Mom would shower it with varieties of food,
And with all its mate, delighted, it would finish it up.
The day of lil puppies the next , how early i would wake up.
Cutely wrap it with flowers, tikas all over.
Day of a holy cow, incarnation of goddess laxmi, the next

13 Types of Football fans you find in Nepal – Which one are you?

September 30, 2016 Guest Post 0

Unity is Diversity in the context of Nepal. However, when it comes to following Football, Diversity? -Certainly yes! Unity? -Hell No! With the increasing popularity of club football in Nepal, various groups of supporters have emerged. With this diversification of fan following, we can roughly list out the types of

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