My Childhood Memories

July 16, 2017 Youth Legend 0

MY CHILDHOOD Deep inside at the core of my heart lie The colorful river of memories which can never dry. The stains of the wounds as well as the leg that was fractured twice Now takes me to the time I spent in that paradise. Eating the unripe mangoes that

A confession of Software Engineering Student

May 29, 2017 Youth Legend 0

CONFESSION When I hear of the word ‘confess’ my mind immediately plots a scene where a man stands in a court telling the truth. Often at times, a confession is related to admitting a fault or a mistake. But this isn’t one of those scary murder confessions I am making

A Life of a Fat Kid – Change

May 15, 2017 Youth Legend 0

The Fear We Don’t Face Become Our Limit, SO EMBRACE CHANGE Growing up as a fat kid is almost never easy. There is always teasing or bullying, and while most people don’t do it intentionally, they never really seem to realize that what they call ‘humor or just joking around’

Change: A Love Story of a Geeky Guy

May 7, 2017 Youth Legend 0

Don’t Go Gazing at the stars in the sky, Ankit is lost in his deep thoughts. He has always loved to watch the panoramic view of the setting sun during the dusk till the sky is illuminated with twinkling stars. He has always appreciated the change Mother Nature would undergo;

Last Love Letter, Suman Supratik, Runner Up, Wordism Magh

March 30, 2017 Youth Legend 0

LAST LOVE LETTER I was waiting for your letter, my patience was losing patience but it looked your letter was meant for someone else. SEPTEMBER 2015: Hadn’t been long since we met, it had just been quite one and one-fourth of the year since when we started conversation. September 4-2015,

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