Confused – Zen Prajapati, Winner, Wordism S3, Asadh

August 16, 2019 Youth Legend 0

When I first learned to wear my shoes, I was confused between right and left. When I learned to walk, I was confused with directions. When I went to school, I was confused which bench to sit on. When I passed my school, everyone around landed their career advices feeding

Did I make you confused?, Runner Up, Wordism S3, Asadh

August 9, 2019 Youth Legend 0

Who are you? I say, “I am one of them.” Now, please don’t query whether I am a male or a female. Please, don’t interrogate whether I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, or a Buddhist. Enough is enough. Hey, now, don’t ask me about my profession. I already

Join 1st Diplomatic Circle Model United Nation (DCMUN) Nepal

June 19, 2019 Sudha Subedi 0

With the concept of familiarizing youth with United Nations, its principle, working and procedures, International Relations, Diplomacy, Public Speaking and Current Affairs, Youth Legend, a social enterprise with the purpose of creating valuable impacts in the lives of young people, has initiated a three day event named as Diplomatic Circle

Confession to a Photo, Runner Up, Wordism S3, Baisakh

June 9, 2019 Youth Legend 0

You know what? I made our son very different than others, very much contrasting to common boys in the attitude, temperament and perception. I brought him up as a person who is wholly unlike normal people. Since the beginning of his school life, inside his tender mind, I injected the

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