Winter and me, Binita Adhikari, Runner up, Poush 2074

February 26, 2018 Youth Legend 0

Pines are full of snow Wow! its a winter time You have decorated my muddy ways with pleasant whites Morning nowadays, no smell of dust no pollution walking through the woods, vapor coming up from my mouth on each breath, Its really fascinating! Dear winter, you made the running water

Snowy Wind, Winner, Jyotika Bhatt, Poush 2074

February 22, 2018 Youth Legend 0

When the first blow of the breeze Pushed his little fingers back into the thin Linen sleeves He knew the great whites were coming Every year he dreamt, A dream of snow falling His whistles lit up the street As he rushed back home, bare feet This was one wish

Winter – Aakriti Adhikari, Runner up , Poush 2074

February 16, 2018 Youth Legend 0

Winter I look through the window White is everywhere If I look inside me Black is everywhere But life is much more than black and white Everything I feel, its gray Can you count all shades of gray? I bet you don’t understand Love is colorful but sometimes suffocating And

Let’s break up! Prasuma Magarati, runner up, Poush, 2074

February 10, 2018 Youth Legend 0

Dear lonely striver, Infinite greatfullness! I am confused, should I wonder to the days we were together for. Your cheeks got blusy and lips to glossy. Your hands and my calms. To the stories, we shared in your bedroom and my allows. Our secrets that you promised, are gonna be

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