LOVE IS LIFE, Jebish Prajapati, Runner Up, Magh 2074

March 12, 2018 Youth Legend 0

“Where there is love; there is life”. This quote by Mahatma Gandhi describes the meaning of love and what it represents in life. Life, as we all know, is full of uncertainties; you never know what lies ahead. But love isn’t one of the uncertainty, you are bound to fall

The Woman of My Life, Barun Pandey, Runner up, Magh 2074

March 7, 2018 Youth Legend 0

Hey, Sometimes, I wonder – what is the difference between an infatuation for someone and true love exactly for someone? How can we really identify whether our feelings for someone is short-lived or long lasting? Or does ‘love’ even exist? Is love overrated? Is trust what it really matters in

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