“We are the murderers of culture, tradition and belief” – Rishu Mahaseth, Runner Up, Wordism Ashoj

Writer: Rishu Mahaseth

Our Pride, Our ”Dashain”

How often do you gather up with your kith and kin? How often do you see kids flying colorful kites and blowing like a wind in a swing? Yes, we can see such enthralling scenes during ‘Dashain’ along with the winter brings blissfulness, happiness, celebrations and make everyone release their anxiety that they had throughout the year. Getting started from “Ashwin Shukla Prathma”, the 15-days long golden period of Hindu’s culture blows something so majestic in the zephyr that makes the whole environment relaxed and reloaded with life. This mega-festival is mainly devoted to Goddess Durga so as to prove the victory of truth over evils and so as to make our life full of enthusiasm, triumphs and success.

“Festival is what a culture makes; celebration what we make.”

Everyone all over the nation is found swimming in their own pond of celebration. Teens find their smile in swings and kites, while the older ones are happy in playing cards. In fact, this happiness is obvious since this is the moment when students get comparatively longer holidays. And adults allocate free time apart from their hectic schedule and they do not want to miss a single chance to be relaxed and calmed down. Beside these, the family shopping – buying new clothes and other favorite activities and food stuffs are the attraction of Dashain; indeed one of the most satisfactory reasons of year-long wait of this festival.

It is needless to exclaim that with the tune of time, people’s mentality, and culture and devotion changes. Once the culturally and traditionally celebrated Dashain has now been altered and in fact, the way of celebrating this greatest festival has been changed in numerous dimensions like it has become the time to show off and compete unhealthily amongst friends, neighbors and relatives. The kites and swings have almost been replaced with electronic gadgets and we see only few kids are playing and enjoying in the lap of nature. It’s a matter of concern that the enthusiasm of today’s generation towards religion and festivals is collapsing remarkably and significantly. The question is: will our culture and tradition vanquish in the neck of time? The answer is obvious,” yes. It will be a myth, if no action is taken on time” The 15-days long festival has also become a major stand for widespread commercialization of brands and companies with their magnificent offers. Though these offers give us some benefits, it is still an instance of commodified festival indeed. On the one hand, in the name of “Dashain Celebration” adults get themselves indulged in drinking, hallucinating drinks and gambling. Their behavior raises a serious question mark on our tradition and identity. Who will change this degrading trend when the seniors are themselves indulged in such futile activities? Is this a lesson to generations to come?

The biggest problem with the celebration of Dashain is “SACRIFICE of ANIMALS”. Hindus all over the nation are found killing goats and other animals in the name of goddess. Over 40000 goats are sold each year in the name of sacrifice and the number is rapidly increasing. We have a big question here regarding killing animal, will the Gods be exhilarated when we sacrifice the lives of innocent animals? This is a vivid example of cruelty and selfishness of humans and the Nepali people. About 45000 goats were sold for the sacrifice by National Food Corporation last year. What is the logic behind this? How can we expect blessing on account of such brutality? Does our culture and religious discipline teach us to sacrifice innocent animals for our evil deeds?

We are the murderers of culture, tradition and belief that was preserved and carried out from generation to generation. Dashain is just one of the victims. Just imagine the environment where all and sundry is celebrating festival with their heart and soul. Also, imagine a place with the death of religion, where beliefs have come to halt. Which favors us the most ?

Dashain has always been a reason of happy moments, and in order to preserve this trend, a kind of interest should be raised in the mind and heart of today’s generation. Besides that, the wrong way of celebrating festivals such as Dashain should also be controlled significantly and should be celebrated with the pride of culture to preserve our originality, unique identity, culture and tradition. In addition to that, the culture of sacrificing animals should be completely stopped. After all, Dashain is our most important national festival and how can we lose its fragrance where this festival arouses the feeling of unity, brotherhood, fraternity, love and cooperation among friends, relatives and Nepali people.

From each nook and cranny of the world, our brothers, sisters, friends and relatives gather here to celebrate this greatest festival with full of enthusiasm, energy and deep love. This festival has more significance than other festivals because it ties all of us in the garland of unity, love, help and we feeling. No matter what, dashain establishes us as the unique Nepali people in front of other religion, culture and global citizen. Wherever we live and go, it doesn’t matter festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Chhath unite us and bind us together as brothers, sisters and as a proud citizen of culturally and religiously rich Nepal.


Question and Answer with Rishu

1. Tell us more about you.

Currently, I am studying A-Levels as I recently passed my SLC examination. I am simple guy with my interest always turning towards technology. Beside that , I have great appetite for English literature and like to write articles on burning issues.

2. What was your thought when you apply to Wordism competition?

I always wanted a platform to show some kind of writing skills and I got to hear about “Wordism”.In Nepal where such competitions are very less or if there are, the opportunity is not for everyone so it was like Finding a Diamond from coals. I was glad and pleased to take part in it. I desperately want to win it.

3. What are your dreams and aspiration?

“Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.” My only dream is to work hard and achieve a kind of perfection in every task I do.

4. Anything you want to say who is reading this!

I just to say that ,God helps those who help themselves. Do every task with high enthusiasm and effort. Never give focus on negativity and stay away from negative people and only then, in your world of positivity, you can achieve every success. Believe in yourself and follow your path fearlessly

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